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Membership Benefits


  1. Board seat. All FBA members have their representative in Forex Brokers Association board, to voice its interests and initiatives 

  2. Instant notifications about regulation updates, from more than 15 regulators around the world. All members are receiving notifications, about major news in FX industry regulations 

  3. International Regulatory and Legislative Advocacy FBA is in  communication with major regulators, in case of any issues under your license, our team of lawyers will investigate and help if this issue can be fixed legally 

  4. Quarterly market research. Our research team is permanently researching a major trends of FX industry, asking questions to more than 6000 active traders 

  5. We are the power. Forex Brokers Association board under its power can initiate code recommendations and offer it to regulatory or other governmental bodies. 

  6. Special events for FX industry leaders, under FBA Summit yearly calendar 

  7. Trust gain as a member of and independent Forex Brokers Association within traders communities 

  8. Digital membership materials for your website and printings

  9. Compliance management and consulting

  10. Forex Brokers Association certification is the powerful trust document, which gives you the opportunity to gain trust within your traders. In case of compliance FBA has an authority and power to give an official press release to protect image and reputation of the member 

Membership Aplication

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