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FBA FX Summit 2022



FBA FX Summit is an yearly event, organized at the end of the year to conduct  past year and discuss opportunities and challenges of next year. Industry leaders and Forex Brokers Association members are panelists of the event. The summit is open to visitors, traders and industry professionals. 


In 2020 Forex Brokers Association team has decided to organize a summit in Kuala Lumpur, as  Malaysia is  one of the fastest growing markets in FX trading. 


Important dates 

$39 -  Yearly bird registration until 10.09.2022

$59 -  Late registration until 27.11.2022

Speaker opportunities: Speaker can be a representative of the member company. To present please fill out  the membership application



To be announced (21.07.2022)

You can request the drift of an agenda by email - 





Basic understanding of financial markets and trading



Must be a member of Forex Brokers Association 

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